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10 Reasons Why Summer Camp for Pets is a Great Idea

Who doesn’t want to spend the summer at camp? Just ask your dog.

While it’s not exactly canoeing, camp songs and s’mores, it is the dog version. And yeah, it’s pretty much as exciting as it sounds. They get to play all day while you are busy doing your thing, which is most likely not as fun. Yet another reason you’re a little jealous of your four-legged best friend at times. Aren’t we all?

Of all the amazing reasons, we’ve listed the Top 10 for sending your dog for Summer Camp. And you should be prepared, as they’re gonna want to go every year.

Summer camp for pets is a great idea because—

  1. …summertime equals tons of fun time. It’s the best time of year, especially for dogs. School’s out, the sun’s out and your pup wants to be out as well. All those smells!
  1. …it’s a great way to keep your dog exercised. A tired dog is a happy dog. When they come home after a solid day of fun at camp, they’re relaxed and probably soon asleep at your feet with their tongue hanging out.
  1. …your dog will get tons of mental stimulation. Just like humans, mental stimulation and engagement is just as important for dogs. From toys to treats there’s plenty to keep them Interested.
  1. …doggie day cares have amazing activities. And then some. Time away from home is just as exciting for your pup. First, there’s the beloved car ride there. Then it’s indoor fun, outdoor romping, splashdowns in the pool, obstacle courses, and more.
  1. …all their friends will be there. You know they have their favorites, too. And dogs are usually grouped together by size, age and temperament to be sure it’s a blast. 
  1. …it’s way too hot outside. Extreme temperatures are dangerous for everyone, including your pup. Temperature-controlled indoor spaces and pool time help pets stay cool.
  1. …their favorite human friends are there, too. Interaction and time with humans is just as important, too. Trained staff help your dog with behavior and manners. What a bonus!
  1. …it prevents your dog from being lonely and getting bored. Not only that, but both can lead to destructive and unwanted behavior in and out of the house. Digging, chewing and howling, oh my! 
  1. …you get more flexibility in your summer schedule. Take care of work, family and home when it’s convenient for you, while your dog is at their “happy place.”
  1. …your pup will be fed a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. No more trips home at lunch or asking the neighbor to feed your dog if you’re working late. They’re all good. 

With all the benefits of Summer Camp for your dog, you’ll fall in love with it just as much as they do. Find the right one, drop them off and be sure to request a postcard every now and then….

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