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4 Natural Remedies for Common Cat Issues

As with humans, cats are often prone to small discomforts and irritations that can be intrusive and frustrating. Keep in mind however, that a trip to the vet is not always necessary. You may be able to provide relief for your cat without ever having to take kitty to the doc, a possibility which is always worth looking at more closely.

Here are some natural remedies that are well worth considering.

1. Butter for hairballs

Hairballs are common occurrence for every cat with fur. While cats do keep themselves well groomed, every cat parent knows that hairballs will occur from time to time. If you find yourself coming across the hairballs more often, feeding half a teaspoon of butter for a couple days could help the cat pass the hair more efficiently.

2. Saline for scratches

If your cat is known to get into disputes with other cats or animals in the neighborhood and comes home with superficial scratches as battle wounds, the last thing you want is for them to become infected. You can aide the healing process and keep the scratches clean by applying saline solution. You can’t always prevent a cat fight, but  you can make sure it doesn’t cause any unwanted infection.

3. Aloe for digestion

Constipation is bound to make any cat uncomfortable, so if you know your cat is having trouble passing its food, a teaspoon of aloe vera gel added into their daily diet can help give them a little extra boost to get digestion moving along. Aloe is packed with vitamins that can keep your cat healthy and happy.

4. Oil for allergies

Oil is perhaps one of the greatest ingredients known to man (and now cat). Its versatility can aide in a variety of problems, but if your cat is suffering from allergies, a teaspoon of corn, peanut or sunflower oil in your cat’s food can provide ongoing relief for those irritant symptoms.

If your cat’s conditions are worsening or ongoing, it is always best to consult with your veterinarian without further delay. These remedies may provide temporary relief, but are not intended to cure more serious issues, so pet parents will want to be observant and to stay on top of things.

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