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Allergies? Dogs That Don’t Shed

Allergies can be such a hassle, but they need not stop you from opening your home up to a pet. Perspective pet parents with animal allergies are, of course, concerned about shedding. Other pet parents may simply prefer a fur-free home environment. Fortunately, there are a good number of popular breeds of dogs that don’t shed. 

Hypoallergenic dogs may be big or small; there is a dog breed there for every allergy-prone pet lover. While there is no such thing as a dog who does not shed their coat at all, there are dog breeds out there whose shedding is so slight that even the most sensitive allergy sufferers barely notice. Of course, good grooming is always important, so choose a pet care facility nearby and build a great relationship with the experts on staff.

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Bearded Collie

Collies are some of the most intelligent and energetic dog breeds. Bearded Collies have plenty of love to give and won’t aggravate pet parents with allergies. While they have long coats, their fine hairs are not prone to shedding. 

Bearded Collies need regular grooming to ensure that their coat stays healthy, so there will be trips to your local pet care facility. These low-shedding lovelies are a great option if you are looking to welcome a bundle of energy into your home. 


Havanese are very affectionate dogs whose low-shedding coat is considered a big plus for those with dog allergies. 

The Havanese has a thick, double-layered coat, and their color markings vary greatly. Havanese are small dogs, which makes them perfect for a young family, or if your home is unable to accommodate a bigger dog. Keep it in mind that Havanese dogs require regular combing to ensure that their coat is silky soft and smooth.
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Miniature Schnauzer

Despite their rather solemn-looking resting facial expressions, Miniature Schnauzers are one of the most expressive and engaging dog breeds around. This naturally low-shedding breed is a great option for first-time pet parents and those with young families. 

Miniature Schnauzer needs their coats to be clipped regularly despite their low-shedding. They are a little more high-maintenance than the Havanese or Bearded Collie, but they are not divas about it. Your local pet care facility will be able to help you develop a grooming routine that will guarantee your Miniature Schnauzer will be looking and feeling on top form. 

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Poodles are the original hypoallergenic dog breed. Any dog that is a poodle-cross, such as the popular Labradoodles and goldendoodles, will have also inherited their breed’s hypoallergenic coats. Poodles are the perfect family companion as they are easy to train and require a moderate amount of exercise. 

Whether you choose a Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, or a Toy Poodle, the advice is the same; light daily grooming will ensure their coat is healthy and strong.

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  • Mark December 14, 2020

    While it is certainly the case that dogs with hair rather then fur shed less and thus, in theory, there may be less allergens in a confined space; it’s also pretty certain that there is no such think as a hypoallergenic dog. Morever, even the level of allergens is subject to debate. In 2012 the American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy released a study of 190 one-dog families with 60 different dog breeds and found no statistical difference in detectable dog allergen levels in homes with dogs branded as hypoallergenic vs. those which were not. https://www.petcamp.com/msnbc-catches-up-to-pet-camp/