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Americans Love Their Pets…By the Millions

Is there a cat curled up on your sofa right now? Or draped across your laptop as you work? Raise your hand if there’s a dog resting in your favorite chair or parked at your feet as you read this.

Pet parents everywhere know—and we really don’t mind—that these furry friends rule the roost. But, how many of them are there, actually? Good question.

Dogs and Cats By the Numbers

Have you ever wondered how many dogs and cats are kept as members of the household by pet parents throughout the U.S.? Care to take a guess? The numbers are bigger than you might think. In fact, they’re in the tens of millions.

Would you guess we have more cats or dogs at home? And how many pets do you suppose might belong to one household at a time, on average?

In 2017-2018, the latest research on U.S. Pet Ownership and Demographics published by the American Veterinary Medical Association provides us with the answers.

Source: AVMA

That’s a Lot of Pets

We love it! More than one in three households have one or more dogs at home and one in four live with cats.

Of course, these numbers shot upwards in 2020. All the research indicates that pet ownership surged when many sought companionship as they encountered shelter-in-place mandates due to the Covid-19 crisis.

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Are you a dog lover or a cat lover? Perhaps you’re both. How many pets are in your household?

Leave us a comment; we’d love to know!

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