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America’s Most Popular Breeds of Dogs

Do you have a guess? One breed of dog has been the #1 favorite among American pet parents for 29 years in a row.

Most popular breed in America

If you said Labrador Retriever, you are correct. The data comes from the American Kennel Club, which bases their results on AKC puppy registration statistics. The information is released annually on National Purebred Day, May 20.

Of course, not all purebreds are registered and mixed breed dogs are always hugely popular. But the results are always fascinating.

Cocker Spaniels and Welsh Corgis are popular breeds

It was in 1991 that the Labrador Retriever first knocked the Cocker Spaniel off its throne as the number one choice in the U.S. Prior to that year, the Cocker Spaniel had reigned in top position for 23 years.

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American Kennel Club also informs readers that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi—Queen Elizabeth II’s very favorite dog—was among the top 10 for the first time when 2019 registrations came to a close. There are movers and shakers on the list. Gaining in popularity, the Icelandic Sheepdog jumped up 24 places from 156 rank in 2018 to number 132 in 2019. The breed that fell most in popularity is the Ibizan Hound, dropping 18 places to number 171 in the latest list.

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Naturally, you’re curious about America’s least favorite breed of dog. Interestingly enough, the sturdy English Foxhound has taken last place twice. Most recently in 2019, the breed ranked last on this list, coming in 193 out of 193.

The top 10 breeds are:

1Labrador Retriever
2German Shepherd
3Golden Retriever
4French Bulldog
10Welsh Corgi
Source: American Kennel Club
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