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Breed Spotlight: American Bully

At first glance, the pure muscle and stature of an American Bully can rather intimidating. Mix that with the common idea that these breeds are aggressive fighting dogs, and you can understand why humans can be hesitant.

However in truth, they can be one of the most loving and affectionate breeds of dog, with a temperament that’s generally friendly, affectionate, mellow, and even a bit goofy.

The American Bully is sometimes thought to be a type of pit bull, but are actually held to their own breed standards. You will be able to notice the difference in the size of the head — a Bully has a wider head, similar to that of a bulldog, as well as exceptionally defined muscles. It’s easy to spot the difference when the two are pictured side by side.

American Bully
American Pit Bull Terrier

These beautiful breeds can weigh anywhere from 70-120 lbs., which means they can get BIG, but that is just all the more to love!

Typically this breed falls into one of three size categories – standard, pocket, and extra large.

Each one as unique as the next, but all worth the love and attention of a happy home.

Did you know that although these dogs have Bully in their name, they were originally bred in an attempt to remove some of the more aggressive traits found in pit bulls.

Even with the American Bully’s mellow temperament, these dogs still require at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. If you have any trouble fitting this into your schedule, talk to a pet care facility nearby about their services. This is important for the dog, of course, in order to maintain their muscle mass—and most of all their overall health.

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