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Breeds of Dogs Who Love to Swim

Just add water…and a dog for the perfect day! What better way is there to beat the heat than being at your favorite swimming spot with your four-legged best friend? Swimming is a great form of exercise as well as a great way to cool down. However, when you can’t take time off to jump in for a swim, your dog can still enjoy at a pet care facility with a (bone-shaped) pool.  

Check out these five dog breeds that top the charts for their natural swimming skills. 

1. Labrador Retriever 

One of America’s favorite dog breeds isn’t just a lovable face, but is also a water dog in every way. Labrador Retrievers were originally from Newfoundland and used as fishing dogs to retrieve fish that escaped from the fishing lines and hauled fishing nets. This good-natured pet doesn’t just offer great companionship for you and your family, but was literally born to swim. 

2. Golden Retriever 

They should probably be named Golden Water Retriever. This breed tops the list for dogs that find happiness in and around water. This pooch was originally a companion for hunters to retrieve game that had fallen on land or in the water, giving them this strong instinct to swim. So, with their natural instinct to swim and fetch, golden retrievers love water toys. 

3. The Standard Poodle

Don’t let this dog’s showy looks or demure demeanor fool you. These dogs are excellent swimmers. They’ve been bred as working-class dogs for swimming and retrieving. In German, “pudelhund” (a combination of the words for “splash” and “dog”) was the original name of these proficient swimmers trained as duck hunting dogs. Later, the name “poodle” was adopted in English. These fancy and skilled swimmers never fail to turn heads in the water. 

4. Newfoundland

You might not think “swimming dog” when you first see these gentle giants, but you would be mistaken. These instinctive swimmers began working as water-rescue dogs. They have the great endurance from their large lung capacity to swim considerable distances and have even worked as lifesavers for people. Newfoundland pet parents know they not only get a loving family member, but also a great swimming partner with natural lifesaving skills. 

5. German Shepherds

This breed differs from the others because they were not bred as swimmers. However, being strong and highly intelligent dogs, German shepherds are known to like water and can learn to swim quite well. The4se are athletic dogs with a body build that allows them the ability to be a solid swimmer. 

Not all dogs within the same breed are the same. If you’re taking your dog to the beach, lake, or river for the first time, make no assumptions. Make sure you—literally—let your dog test the waters under the watchful eye of professional carers in a safe place such as a pet care facility with a pool. 

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