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Can’t Find the Right Pet-Friendly Hotel? Doggie Boarding is the Answer

Whether you’re traveling overnight for work or vacation, trip planning is more complicated than ever. And while taking your furry friends along can be great, doggie boarding can be a much simpler, and better option for both you and your pet—especially if you’re finding it difficult to find accommodations to suit you both.

We’ve done some homework on how easy (or not) it is to find a pet-friendly hotel, and why your best bet may be the comforts and conveniences of a pet hotel or boarding facility.  With the right facility, you will both likely enjoy your experiences away from home a whole lot more. 

  • Less Choice and More Expensive

This is clearly not an ideal combination. Besides fewer overall hotel options, finding one that’s pet-friendly may be even tougher. Choices for location, style, comfort-level, amenities and price may be limited. And it may end up costing you in the long run—not only in extra hotel fees for a pet, but airline fees, and booking fees. You don’t want to end up planning your vacation or trip solely around the location of available pet-friendly hotels. 

  • Alone in a Hotel

Some dogs can tolerate being left alone in a hotel room while you are out and about. However, if your dog becomes upset, scared, or lonely, it can also be stressful for you and a disturbance to other travelers near you at the hotel. For that reason, some hotels prohibit leaving your pet in the room unsupervised. Be sure to know the policy, and if allowed, you should consider a budget for a dog walker while you’re on the road to keep your pet happy. 

  • No Dogs Allowed

You’ve planned the perfect trip and all pet-friendly accommodations. Then you arrive, unpack and go exploring, only to find it’s “No Pets Allowed.” Don’t make the mistake of assuming your destination is pet-friendly. Of course your dog is well-behaved and polite, but the National Park can’t budge. You don’t want to arrive and be turned away with your furry friend, or only visit pet-friendly places. Having to alter your travel plans or locations can spell trouble, especially when it was already more difficult to arrange to begin with.

  • What is a Pet Hotel?

Well, it’s just like a hotel, only all the guests are pets! And it’s a great option as you will know your pet will be safe, happy and well-cared for. Yes, of course there are some pet-friendly hotel options where you are both welcome. But with many hotels struggling to book human guests, keep the doors open and make a profit, your options may be limited. On the other hand, with more pet owners than ever, pet hotels and boarding are increasing in popularity and locations to meet the demand.

  • A Safe, Secure and Fun Solution

Dogs are social creatures. And while they prefer to be with you, if they can’t, most certainly prefer the companionship of other animals and people. Doggie day care and boarding is a great way to avoid boredom and loneliness, while keeping your pet safe, secure and socialized.

  • Added Flexibility 

Knowing your pet is cared for in a licensed, insurance and/or bonded facility can mean peace of mind while you’re on the road. You want your pet to be comfortable, and get plenty of exercise and playtime. It can be hard enough when you’re at home, and even more challenging when you’re not. And if your plans change or you need to be flexible while traveling, your pet may not be. Having routines, temperature control, and regular exercise and feeding are important for their well-being. 

With a little planning and a lot of thoughtful care for your pet, they’ll be having their own fun adventures, relaxation, belly rubs and fine dining…while you have yours.  

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  • Mark August 11, 2020

    Smart Pet Parent, could not agree more! In fact, we just posted a blog “Pet Friendly Hotels – Not Always So Pet Friendly” that provides a side-by-side comparison of a “pet friendly” hotel and a pet care facility. https://www.petcamp.com/pet-friendly-hotels-not-always-so-pet-friendly/