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Cat Boarding: Will My Cat Be Stuck in a Cage All Day and Night?

The short answer is “No.” Overnight cat boarding facilities are an excellent way for feline pet parents to make sure the cat is taken care of when you are not available. Most importantly, your cat will absolutely know that they are not being left all alone to look after themselves and that nothing can go wrong.   

Because professional pet care facilities know how important your cat is to you, their mission is to fill in the gap until you’re home again.

Meals can be served on your specified schedule and special diets can be catered to. Administering medications, if required, are not a problem. 

And, why shouldn’t the boarding experience be a stimulating one for kitty? Amenities may include:

  • A private “cat condo” or suite with a plush bed
  • Big windows to let in sunlight
  • Good ventilation systems for air filtration and purification
  • Calming background music
  • Fun lighting displays in shapes that dance and attract play 
  • Daily free time in the playroom
  • Custom cat trees for climbing

Some exclusively cat-only (sorry, dogs…) boarding facilities even have aquarium towers filled with colorful fish and a landscaped surroundings to attract birds and butterflies. Sound like fun?

Cats come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, temperaments and personalities. And of course, cat boarding facilities can accept a little kitty, a grown cat, or a senior cat, either singly or with one or more feline household companions. 

Your cat may be the type that prefers privacy, and there are options for this. If your cat is more social, playrooms with many toys and other cats for socializing is just the ticket for plenty of entertainment and stimulation.

Most importantly, trustworthy pet professionals at pet care facilities are animal lovers and cat owners themselves who know just how to take care of your cat. Why not get in touch with a cat boarding facility and plan a visit or a virtual tour? Your questions will be welcomed.

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