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Cat Kennel, Cat Hotel, or Cat Resort: How Are These Pet Facilities Different?

Take a closer look at three different pet facility options for you and your cat. Sometimes, the terms are used interchangeably, but not all pet care facilities are the same.

Cat Kennels

Kennels are typically industrial-type buildings and businesses that house both cats and dogs for various amounts of time. Cat kennels accomplish the basic needs such as feeding and housing your cat. Cages are basic—usually it’s a metal crate. Essentially, this is a place to keep your feline until you return.

Although typically, cats are separated from dogs, your kitty may still hear barking, which can be unsettling. Some kennels are laid out in such a way that dogs walk past cats’ cages when they’re on their way to go on a walk. 

Cat kennels are not a desirable choice for a pet parent looking for care and attention. 

Cat Hotels

Cat hotels offer more space and cater specifically to housing cats. This type of facility offers active days for your cat, with knowledgeable, loving staff to give them all the attention they may want or need.

Cat hotels are built specifically to focus on the needs and comfort of your cat. The benefits of these hotels will likely include:

  • Calm environment
  • Exclusive to cats
  • Comfort and relaxation
  • Top-notch pet professionals
  • Socialization opportunities
  • Light grooming
  • Medical care as needed
  • Option of larger luxurious units with extra space, perches, and windows

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Cat Resorts

A cat resort is the most luxurious option for you and your feline. Think of this boarding option as a five-star accommodation for cats. Expect to meet professionals who love cats, are well versed with cat behaviors and will take great care of your cat during the animal’s stay. 

As with any report, features will vary from one pet care facility to another. Most cat resorts offer generously sized spaces with windows and generous light to keep your feline entertained. They will also have plenty of entertaining options for feline exploration: climbing towers, ramps, music, scratching posts, and toys that cats adore.

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