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Cats and Cardboard Boxes

As a doting cat parent of five cats, I have brought home some of the best cat toys available in the market. Cat trees, feathers on a wand, and so many other interactive toys to stimulate them. But what brings utmost joy to my cats? Empty cartons from Amazon deliveries and any other random cardboard boxes. Now this got me thinking.

Much like cat parents all over the world, I was truly intrigued by what it is that these boxes have? Why do expensive toys fall flat compared to the way a piece of cardboard can truly amaze my kitties?

Why do cats love boxes?

As we know, cats suss out, stalk, and ambush their prey before pouncing; they are natural experts at this stealth strategy. To ambush and attack they need confined places where they hide, observe and hunt their prey out in the wild. Much to our surprise, although cats have been domesticated for centuries, they still have their wild primal instincts. These boxes provide just the safety cats crave. Hence, empty cardboard boxes are perfect for felines.

Wild cats love em’ too

Did you know? It may be no surprise that big wild cats share similar behavioral characteristics as your pet kitty. Researchers tell us that when big cats in zoos and in wildlife reserves are given massive cardboard boxes, they had just as much fun with them as your cat at home. They were observed rolling in these boxes, jumping in and out and having a fabulous time.  

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Cats love the texture of boxes

Cardboard boxes have the perfect texture for cats to scratch, bite and have fun with. You can be assured that you cat will love the cardboard box for days on end without getting bored. Once it’s seen better days, recycle it and wait for the next carton opportunity to come along. Budget? Zero.

Boxes double up as beds

As cat parents, we know that cats can sleep anywhere between 16-18 hours a day. In order to get quality sleep, cats are always on the lookout for the perfect spot. So what might seem like a throwaway box of little use, your cat will find heavenly in its appeal, a safe warm luxury haven that assures comfort and peace. Cats love warm cozy places, so just add an old blanket. So, if no deliveries are coming your way, why not request a free, clean box of just the right size from the local grocery store? Most are quite happy to oblige.

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Curiosity and the cat

When you get home with something new, your cat(s) line up to investigate it. No matter how big or small, they’re most interested to see what it is: always curious to experience new smells, texture and the rest. You must have observed your cat rubbing against the cardboard box or the cover in which you’ve bought your new product. Their innate ability of exploring things wants to make them explore the nooks and corners of the box, a perfect toy and bed in one.

Just knowing that it brings your kitties such joy and comfort must be a good enough reason to indulge them in their cardboard box fantasies. Shoeboxes are perfect for kittens, too. Keep this is mind before you discard the cardboard. You’ll be earning kitty brownie points from your cats.

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