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Are Cats and Dogs Separated in an Overnight Pet Care Facility?

At a pet care boarding facility, the emphasis is on care. These are not kennels, and there are major differences. At pet care facilities, the pet parent is involved in decisions about the best options for the cat or dog.

Dog boarding facilities are kept completely separate from cat boarding facilities for the comfort of all the animals. Sometimes, the dog and cat care facilities are not even in the same building or location.

For pet parents looking at first-time boarding for a cat or dog, it can be a little worrisome. Pet facility staff and management understand this. Every pet is different. If a puppy and kitten are raised together, they will probably get along just fine, especially at home. But, that behavior is different around other dogs and cats.

If a cat or dog tends to be a bit more shy and prefers or needs their own space, this can be considered. More sociable pets may opt for the opportunity to play with other pets within their own dog or cat division. 

So, when determining which pet facility may be best for a pet, it’s suggested to take a tour—either online or in person—of one or more places that are being considered. A dialogue is welcomed, questions are encouraged. Be open and honest with the pet professionals if a pet requires any extra care; pet care facilities are very understanding and accommodating. 

When an animal is checked in for a stay, there will be a questionnaire to discuss with a pet parent, going through food, allergies, mobility, and personality, and anything else that ensures a pet is going to be as comfortable as they can be during a stay.

There are many factors when deciding on which facility works best for you and your pet, including location. Research, good information, and instinct will guide a pet parent to make the right decision. Happy pets and happy pet parents are always the main objective. 

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