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Choosing a Name for Your New Puppy

Ever met a dog with a fantastic name? It just makes them that much cuter, cooler, funnier, chill or adorable—especially a puppy. Wondering how to choose unique puppy names?

Choosing a name for your new family member is almost as exciting as meeting them for the first time. And like your own name, it’s a lifetime decision for your pet, so choose Unique Puppy Names wisely.

Samatha Hillmer, a manager at Canine to Five in Detroit and Ferndale, Michigan, explains how her pet care facility helps. “One of the things our Pack Leaders work on in the Puppy Program is name recognition. Reserving their new unique puppy names for rewarding experiences will help create a positive association that’ll make life with a puppy so much easier,” she says.

New Puppy Name

“Puppy Love” (photo @rd421, Unsplash)

Here are a Few Things To Consider as You Decide on a Moniker:

  • Make it easy to pronounce with only a few syllables for your pet to learn quickly.
  • Be sure you are comfortable saying (or shouting) it out loud.
  • Try not to choose a common word often said in normal conversation.
  • Be sure it isn’t too close to a command so they aren’t confused.
  • If you’re changing the name of a rescue, make it easier with a name that rhymes or sounds similar.

When and How Do You Choose Your Puppy Name?

Some people know the name of their pup before they’ve ever met. Others wait and get to know their pup first, naming them based on personality, appearance or behavior. Of course, you get to choose when and what, and the options are endless. We’ve put together a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing while you wait for the puppy kisses and puppy breath.

Classic Dog Names 

The tried and true never go out of style…and like people and fashion, they often come back around. Think Spot, Rover and Fido are outdated? Think again.

Meaningful Family Names

Consider sentimental value. History can be a tribute or tradition—think classic or family names like Betty, Norm, Greta, or George. What about something unique—and irresistibly rhyming—to your family’s last name, like Mavis Davis or Lucille O’Neal? They are family members after all…

Unique Puppy Name

Australian Shepherd babies (@reskp, Unsplash)

Significant Names

A favorite book or movie character, musician, author or artist adds a personal connection. Ever met a Ferris, Hemingway, Coltrane or Frida? Or consider significant places—where you were born, met your significant other, or where your pup was born like Memphis, Nash, Cisco, Maui or Dutch.

Funny Names

Our pups make us laugh, sometimes just hearing their name. Have fun and play with words like Charles Barkly, Kat for a dog, or Biggie for your Teacup Chihuahua. Go unexpected with food—Meatball, Cheddar, Tot or Burger, nature or floral—Blizzard, Cricket, Juniper or Wren, or get colorful with—Blu, Saffron or Goldie.

The best thing is, no matter what unique puppy names you choose, one thing is for sure—you will always call them your best friend.

What’s your favorite unique puppy names?

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