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Consider Adopting an Older Dog

As more fully grown, adult dogs enter our shelters, will we do the right thing by them? Sure, puppies are cute. But, here’s why everyone should consider adopting an older dog.

Adopting a dog at any age comes with a surge of excitement, and naturally, a little anxiety, too. If you are considering adopting a mature dog, you are considering doing something honorable and wholly rewarding. Adopting an older dog is a wonderful journey, and few pet parents regret it. Adopting an older dog is one of the most life-affirming choices we can make.

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Save a Life

Every year in the US, hundreds of thousands of older dogs in kennels and rescue shelters are euthanized, simply because there are insufficient resources to care for them. Often the priority lies with animals who are most likely to bring in funds through adoption, that is, the younger dogs. 

By adopting an adult dog, you are genuinely saving their life. Many older dogs have a lot of life left in them and a lot of love left to give. In return for your generosity, you will be rewarded with loyalty, companionship, and a newfound look on life. Older dogs can teach us so much about the world and in turn, ourselves.

Senior Dog Fitness

Many people are concerned that in adopting an older dog, they may also be adopting a host of medical issues and significant vet bills. This isn’t necessarily the case. Many mature dogs in shelters are just as fit and healthy as their younger counterparts. Shelters will have completed a thorough medical check on each dog and so you will know exactly what you are committing to before you move your dog into your home. 

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Social Butterflies 

One joy of mature dogs is that they are well socialized. Socialization with both people, other dogs, and other animals is vital for dogs in the home; the process is lifelong and often faces some hiccups in those first few years. Fortunately, older dogs have had a life full of socialization, and rescue shelters give them even further socialization training to ensure that they are safe to be in a family environment and out in the world. Your older dog adoptee is ready and eager to meet you and your family.

When it comes to doggie day care or overnight stays, you can rest assured that a fully socialized, mature pet will fit right in and have a blast with the pet care counselors and other dogs.

A Little More Chill

Whereas a puppy or young dog is rightfully demanding of your time with their boundless energy, adult dogs need less time in training and less rigorous exercise, too. That is not to say you won’t give them any time at all, quite the opposite. Every dog is dependent on your undivided attention; older dogs, however, run out of steam that little bit quicker. They have more ‘downtime’ within their routines as they naturally seek more rest, more cuddles, and more time to relax, enjoy your company, and observe the world around them.

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Adopting a dog at any age comes with a surge of excitement, and naturally, a little anxiety too. If you are considering adopting an older dog, you are considering doing something honorable that’s wholly rewarding as well.

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