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Consistency is the Key to Puppy Training

There’s one key thing to remember about training your new puppy—consistency. While puppies are eager to learn and pick things up quickly, being consistent with every aspect of your training will lead to a happier and more well-behaved dog—and likely save you some frustration as you go.

  • Make Some Decisions

Before you ever begin training your puppy, decide what and how you are going to do it. Are you training your puppy yourself? Sending them off to a puppy boot camp or enlisting the help of a professional trainer? Including your spouse, kids or family members?

If location and budget allow, a professional puppy training program at a pet care facility near you is the very best choice you can make for your puppy’s future.

Whatever you decide, first be sure you can make the commitment in time, patience, and love to your pup. Decide on a “head trainer” who will be responsible for showing others how you are training, what commands to use, and most importantly that everyone will use only positive reinforcement. 

  • What You’ll Need

There are basic items you’ll need to begin the dog’s training. As everything is new for puppies—including their collar, harness, and leash—you’ll need to take extra steps to introduce everything as soon as puppy is ready.

You’ll need a collar and 6’ leash, and if you like, a harness. Also include a long leash (30’ or more) for outdoor training. Have a variety of treats and toys, from low to high “value,” depending on what skill you’re teaching. For example, getting your dog to come to you is vital, and might just save a life in some circumstances.

Reinforce desired behaviors quickly and consistently. Rewards don’t always need to be food-related as a good game of fetch, tug-of-war or plain old love and affection can be used in many ways to reinforce good behavior. Ask your pet care facility for their recommendations.

  • Talk to Your Pet Care Facility

Ask your professional pet care facility for more details regarding their puppy training programs, including individual trainers or group classes. Besides providing training time and expertise, the group classes are a great way to help socialize your pup with other people and pets. Just be sure your puppy (and all others in the class) have their proper vaccinations in advance.

There are professionals at pet care facilities near you that are ready and eager to help with specially designed programs that are tried and trusted to build good puppy habits that will mean having a reliable, obedient, and friendly dog.

Setting yourself and your puppy up for success is critical in raising a well-behaved, happy, and healthy dog. Be consistent. Be consistent. And then be consistent some more!

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