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Doggie Day Care Helps Pet Parents With Busy Schedules

Beyond asking if doggie day care can help you, consider what it will do for your pet, too. On your busy workdays, running errands, and all the other things that can take over and fill your day with responsibilities away from your doggie, do you ever start thinking about just having some fun socializing time with friends? Your pet could be thinking this, too, while waiting on you to finish your hectic day. Day Care is a two-way street that will help you and puts a little extra love in your doggie’s day. 

“Our guests are busy having fun and socializing, not missing their parents.”

Especially in these times with COVID-19 changing the way we live and how we do pet parenting, this service could be a huge benefit for both pups and older dogs. Doggie day care can make sure that your important conference call doesn’t get interrupted by barking in the background or help make sure that a new little pup doesn’t eat your favorite shoes while you’re looking after the kids or working.

They can also help with training and socializing that new doggie—or even your dog that has been a member of the family for a while. Today’s doggie day care facilities have many benefits for a pet parent in need.

Importantly, says Kendall Duncan, owner of Canine Cabana in Riverview, Florida, “We believe stimulating activities and a high level of interaction for every guest is not only important but imperative for their well being. Our guests are busy having fun and socializing, not missing their parents.” From the pet’s point of view, it certainly sounds a lot more interesting than hanging around waiting for you to squeeze in a walk to the park, don’t you agree?

Socialization skills—with other doggies and people

Socialization is something that every pet parent should take seriously. When your doggie is socialized, you can enjoy having company over without the anxiety of how your pet will behave. You can take walks and not fear someone else or another pet parent and dog is going to walk past you. With the opportunity to use day care to be around more people and animals, your pet will become more comfortable in social situations. Your friends and family will love and enjoy your sweet doggie as much as you do and you can be that proud pet parent you always wanted to be.  


Exercise is such an important role in young and older dog’s lives for both health and behavior. A dog doesn’t always know how to handle excess energy and can be known to unleash it through bad behaviors. As many professional trainers have said to pet parents, a well-exercised dog is a well-behaved (and well-loved) doggie. Both you and your pet will be happier when they get the exercise they need. Regular exercise plays a key role in your dog’s wellbeing and living a long and healthy life. Different day care places offer different exercise options with large and small play areas suited for your dog’s size. They can offer indoor space that is climate controlled for your doggie’s comfort (great in the summer or winter!) and/or outdoor play areas. The majority of the time the educated and trained staff will speak with you and evaluate your pet to make sure the activities and play environment are best suited for your dog. Some use outdoor space that is onsite as well as nearby parks to walk your dog. A good doggie day care facility will always welcome questions, so don’t feel shy about calling and asking.


Training can make all the difference in you and your pet’s life, but it’s not always an easy task. You may luck out and get yourself a turn-key doggie that requires little to no training (they just come with a lifetime of knowledge and little training is needed). You shouldn’t hold your breath for this to happen to you, however, as it’s just not that common. Don’t get stressed… Doggie Day Care can help with this. Training can feel like an overwhelming task and you may not have the knowledge or the extra time to work with your pet–so let the professional help out.  It’s ok to need and get help.  Facilities can work with your pet to make sure they are learning the basics to make you a proud pet parent and to help your dog understand good behavior. 

Extra attention

Also, a little extra attention never hurts anyone. If your day is overloaded with tasks, don’t let your doggie suffer. Instead, drop them off at doggie day care. You can move through your day guilt-free and have a happy doggie at the end of your crazy day. New puppy? This might just save you your favorite pair of shoes!

Making friends

Who doesn’t like making and socializing with friends? While they are in day care, your pet can find that perfect buddy who loves to run and catch balls all day long. And who knows, you might find other pet parents looking for doggie play dates and fun pet activities. This is just a win-win! 

If you’re working from home and have had your doggie for a while or if you just got a new pup, day care can turn what might have been a stressful day into a manageable day. Pets need attention, exercise, training, a little extra love, and even some other furry friends just as much as you need time to finish work, take care of kids, or just take care of things for yourself (guilt-free). 

Doggie day care can save the day. Every pet parent should rest assured that these facilities make it a priority to provide for your beloved pet. Every doggie deserves day care and every pet parent deserves a little extra time in their day!

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