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Dogs Don’t Do Virtual, But They Sure Love Doggie Day Care

By Carrie Davis

Being home these days means working remotely, seeing family on Zoom, virtual cocktail parties, and plenty of Uber Eats and Postmates. Unfortunately, our pets haven’t mastered the virtual world yet. We’re interacting less, and seeing face masks when we do go out is a little unsettling for us all. In other words, the world is not the same for our pets either.

To make things easier for our pets and ourselves, doggie day care provides the ultimate in socializing, playtime, and fun to satisfy their every need. Because a happy dog makes a happy human…and vice versa.

We’re sharing some interesting facts about your pet’s emotional behavior, happy or not. It’s good to know what to look for, and what to do to keep them wagging.

Amber and Bella by Kat Martin on Flickr

Do You Know if Your Dog is Happy?

We know our dogs. But do you know the signs of a truly happy dog…or if they aren’t? Science tells us our pets are empathic, meaning they understand and empathize with our emotions. They will even try to make us feel better. Can you say the same for your dog?

Here are some important ways to recognize a happy pup when you see one—

  • They’re eating well. A healthy appetite means a happy dog. If you see changes, whether eating less or even more, it can be a sign that something is off.
  • They enjoy social interaction. Confident, happy dogs love to play with other animals and humans. Usually, they can’t get enough.
  • Their coat looks nice. Ever notice happy dogs look good, too? Healthy coats are shiny, while excessive hair loss or dullness can indicate stress. Just like us.
  • No destructive behavior. Bored or lonely dogs can be trouble when left home alone. Digging, chewing and other unwanted behaviors are signs of an unhappy pet. It only takes losing your expensive sunglasses once to know.
  • Their ears, body, and mouth are relaxed. Some dogs even look like they are smiling when happy and content (see Amber and Bella above!). And we fall for it every time.
  • Oh-so-happy to see you. Even when you’ve been gone for just a moment, they’re always happy when you are back. Always.
  • Those puppy dog eyes. Who can resist? A dog who makes soft eye-contact with relaxed eyes and eyelids is definitely content and showing the love.
  • Wags with their whole body. They can’t help it, and it’s an awesome sight. In fact, a dachshund, so happy during quarantine, sprained his tail from excessive wagging. Yes, really!
  • Is sleeping well. Dogs who get enough exercise, both physical and mental, will need lots of sleep. The kind where their tongue hangs out and they run in their dreams.
  • Uses a high-pitched bark. You know the one. The “I’m so happy I just need to tell everyone about it!” bark.
  • Gives lots of kisses. Happy dogs show affection with kisses, leaning, and climbing into your lap, lap dog or not. Excessive licking (of themselves or you) on the other hand, usually isn’t a good sign.

The Best Ways to Boost Your Pet’s Mood

It’s simple. Dogs are social animals, and they need to be stimulated, socialized and hanging out with a pack (dog or human) at least some of the time. So unless you are taking your dog out to meet and greet on a regular basis (unlikely these days), they could use a little extra time with their furry and not-so-furry friends.

The three best ways to keep your pup happy, healthy and engaged? Ongoing training, mental engagement, and doggie day care. And happily, the last provides it all. You’ll find doggie day care is a great addition to both your lives. Your pet will get all the socialization, playtime, exercise and treats they want and need. And you will see the results on their face, fur and behavior in no time.

Happy tails to all.

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