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Essentials: Adopting a Kitten…Or Two

If you’re considering adopting a kitten, be prepared to come home with two. It’s a lovely thought to provide a forever home for one rescue kitten. However, I’ve attempted to do that three times, only to return home with a pair of adorable litter mates on each occasion. And there’s no questions that bringing one’s children along to see the adoption kittens will only seal the deal.

Inseparable: Just home from the adoption center
Inseparable: Two years later

There is something very expressive about the way these siblings communicate their wish to stay together. And then, of course, when members of staff at the adoption center provide more charming details about their compatibility…well, you’re certain to be sold as a pet parent of two kittens. Be prepared.

Before the Kitten(s) Come Home

Part of being a smart pet parent includes building your support community. Ask the adoption venter about spaying, neutering, microchips and vaccinations. Before your new kitten—or kittens—join your family, look into a veterinarian and a pet care facility for future grooming and boarding needs. You’ll have more time to talk to them and schedule a visit before your days become even busier.

Bringing Kittens Home

Kittens are curious creatures. Prior to the big day, be sure to kitten-proof your home by putting breakables in a safe place and tucking loose cords and wires away. Put toilet seats down, so nobody goes for an expected swim! Your home is a large, unfamiliar, and overwhelming environment for a kitten, so close off areas that are less frequently used. In this way, the kitten can learn about the space in smaller doses over time.

Because certain common household plants are toxic to pets, remove them or place them high on shelves where they’re well out of reach, even to an agile kitten bent on exploring.

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Remember, there’s one important item you’ll need first and foremost: a pet carrier or two to bring your precious cargo home for the first time. If you are adopting a pair of kittens, putting both in the same carrier for a short trip home is an option. However, as the kittens grow, you’ll need two carriers anyway.

A New Kitten Checklist

If you do adopt two kittens rather than one, you will need two of several of the essentials on your checklist. Cats generally don’t like to share a litter box, although there are sometimes exceptions to this.

It’s a good idea to figure out where these items will be placed in the home so the kittens can find them in this new space.

The essentials for a new kitten pet parent:

  • Kitten food (dry and/or wet)
  • Food dishes and water dishes
  • Litter boxes
  • Litter mat
  • Cat litter and a scooper
  • Cat bed(s)
  • Cat brush and flea comb
  • Scratching post
  • Safe kitten toys
  • Breakaway collar(s) with ID tags

Last but not least, keep your camera ready. Kittens are highly photogenic. And, congratulations on adopting a new kitten—or a set of two adorable kittens!

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