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Going Away? Overnight Doggie Stay Solutions for Pet Owners

Spending so much time at home with our dogs lately is amazing, right? Everyone is relaxed, happy, and feeling all that unconditional love. So what if you are planning (or unexpectedly need) to travel overnight and can’t or don’t want to bring your pet? So that time you can look for Overnight Doggie Daycare.

We’ve found some great Overnight Doggie Daycare solutions that will make you both feel right at home and talked to a few professional pet care facility owners. Canine to Five in Michigan explains, “We’ve found that offering different levels of overnight boarding can reduce the impact of changing a dog’s daily routine. Between the special treats, cuddle sessions, and games of fetch, it’s more like a vacation destination than a kennel.”


Free Over Night Dog Boarding

What Exactly is Pet Boarding?

While you’re away, the last thing you want to do is to stress about your pet. You want them to feel safe, be secure and have fun. An alternative to pet sitting at your home, pet boarding—also called pet hotels, boarding kennels, or pet boarding facilities—is overnight or a longer stay.

Overnight boarding and Overnight Doggie Daycare can range from a veterinary kennel to a sprawling playground where your dog can run, play and interact freely with other animals. Most dogs do best with plenty of exercise and socialization with other dogs and humans. Lots of mental and physical activity, a routine, healthy food, and professional care for medications or special needs lessens anxiety for both pets and parents.

How Do You Choose The Best Facility For Your Dog?

Do your homework. Ask around for recommendations from friends or family, ask your veterinarian, and check out online review sites or forums. Then ask to take a tour of a few different options and interview owners and staff. You know your pet best—so ask lots of specific questions to choose the “best fit for your best friend.”

Overnight Dog Boarding

How Do You Prepare Your Pup to Stay Overnight?

So you’ve found the perfect place. Here are the five best tips we’ve found to prepare and make your dog’s stay comfortable, enjoyable and yes, even fun.

  1. Consider a “trial” overnight. If your dog is the nervous type or is already prone to separation anxiety, see if you can arrange for a practice run. You’ll know what to expect in the future, and so will your pup.
  2. Check in with your vet. Be sure your pet is up-to-date on all vaccinations and you have an ample supply and directions for any medications.
  3. Anticipate behavior or separation anxiety. Use practice sessions to get your pet used to being away from you, and communicate with the staff if your dog tends to be friendly, shy, sensitive or prone to stress.
  4. Bring something familiar and comforting. Familiar sights and sounds can go a long way to alleviating stress. Bring favorite toys, treats, or bedding, and be sure to include an article of clothing or pillowcase with your scent.
  5. Tire out your pup. Be sure to exercise your dog well before dropping them off for an overnight. A tired dog is more relaxed, and you will both likely handle the transition better. If possible, drop them off in the morning so they have all day to acclimate.

Is It Safe?

Depending on your state, professional boarding facilities are licensed, bonded and insured for the safety of your pet. Feel free to ask for certifications or documents to review before choosing a facility. Ask about cleaning and safety protocols for pets and staff.

Show ‘em The Love

Pet facility staff love pets, so it’s a win-win. Many have training in animal behavior, and specialize in caring for animals when away from home. As each pet is unique, a reputable facility will understand and know how to care for each animal’s individual needs and personality. Most will have separate areas for size, age, activity level and temperament to keep each pup happy and healthy during their stay, so you both enjoy the trip!

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