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How Doggie Boarding Has Changed

These aren’t your parent’s doggie boarding places anymore. Times have changed in a good way for dog boarding accommodations.

You can now plan that trip you’ve been thinking about. But haven’t booked because finding a pet-friendly hotel can be hard, expensive, or sometimes impossible. Even when you find one, you can’t leave your doggie in the hotel. While you explore making your activities restricted to your car or pet-friendly locations only. Doggie boarding can now be a perfect staycation for your dog and can even offer your pet home-like amenities.

Nobody knows better how much dog boarding has changed over the years. Then the pet care team at Elaine’s Pet Resorts in Madera, California where the 86-year-old founder/owner is at work every day. “Superior services and trusted care that we provide is the brand. As pet owners are aware, it takes a well-trained team to deliver today’s service menus. We employ over 100 carefully selected people during our busy seasons.”

Today’s dog boarding facilities can be just as attractive as a pet-friendly hotel. They offer large and small (depending on your doggie’s size) play areas for exercising, playtime with other dogs (only if your pet likes to socialize of course), comfortable climate-controlled space for your doggie, and regular or extra potty breaks depending on your pet’s needs.

Unlike hiring a pet sitter that just checks in on your pet at home. You’ll have more peace of mind knowing your doggie is not alone. Though having fun and loving interactions with well-trained, experienced staff. Depending on your budget, many boarding facilities offer additional add-ons. That can help create a more home-like environment and happier stay for your furry friend. 

Canine to Five in Detroit and Ferndale, Michigan points out, “Having someone in the building overnight is pivotal for our facility. Not only can we rest assured our boarding guests are safe, the extra time spent after hours allows our entire space to be sanitized nightly.” Dog boarding has changed significantly over recent years. And all for the better.

  1. Playtime or extra walks
  2. Extra one-on-one time
  3. Extra treats 
  4. Grooming (you’ll both love this one!)

When starting your search for your doggie’s boarding accommodations, make a list of what you’d like the boarding facility to have or any questions you may have. This list should include all the items that will make you at ease while away and your pet as comfortable as they can be while you are apart. 

  1. Do you have an on-site veterinarian? If not, who do you use? 
  2. Is there proper staff on the premises 24 hours a day?
  3. Do you require proof of current vaccinations including kennel cough vaccine for all boarded pets? 
  4. Do you allow the owners to bring their own pet food? 
  5. How often is your pet going to be walked or interacted with in a day? 
  6. How do you exercise pets that don’t interact well with others? 
  7. Can a pet bring their favorite toy(s) and/or bed?
  8. If your pet needs special medication, will the boarding facility ensure that your pet receives their medication? 
  9. How large are the kennels where the doggie will be staying? 

Some of your answers can be found on the facility’s website, but if not call and speak to them. The answers to these questions may leave you pleasantly surprised. You’ll find out that doggie boarding offers a lot of or all of the options you need for your peace of mind and your pet’s comfort. The more familiar you are with a boarding place, the less stressful it will be for you and your pet.

If the boarding location you are looking into offers daycare (which many do), you can give it a test run by letting your pet stay for the day to see how they react and become more familiar with it. Doggie boarding really can be a great solution that allows your dog to be happy and give you the chance to leave home when a pet-friendly hotel isn’t in the cards.

So, there it is—if you’ve never used dog boarding before or have had a less than wonderful experience in the past, now might be the time to give it a try. Boarding your pet offers a great option when your doggie needs a place to stay while you’re away and unable to find a pet-friendly hotel. This could be your dog’s home away from home—do check it out for yourself.

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