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How Long Can a Cat Stay Home Alone?

We assume cats to be quite independent and fond of doing their own thing. Nonetheless, even the most introspective felines wouldn’t like feeling abandoned or lonely. Domesticated cats can feel bored when left alone for a long period of time, so let’s take a closer look.

Two cats looking wistfully at breakfast of eggs on toast
Is that our dinner? (photo: Christina Farr)

Cats are known for their low maintenance compared to other pets and can stay home alone for a longer time. Since their toilet is indoors, no need for taking a walk. Your cat’s rudimentary needs are simply a clean litter-box, fresh water, and a good meal.

But, there’s more to life, right? Every cat is different and unique in their own way. Generally, cats form strong bonds with their owners and other pet friends, finding amusement and comfort surrounded by people and by engaging in activities. So, when you cannot be there, overnight pet boarding is a great solution for your cat to feel safe, secure, and happy. 

Generally, it is okay—although not ideal—to leave your healthy cat alone for up to 24 hours when they’re not in the kitten or senior stage of life. Here is a widely circulated breakdown of the recommended age and maximum time period a cat can be left home alone:

under 4 months2 – 4 hours
4 – 6 monthsup to 5 hours
6 – 12 months up to 8 hours
healthy adult catsup to 48 hours

Naturally, kittens and senior cats need extra love and care. Young kitties age 3-6 months need about three feedings per day. They are also super curious and can potentially eat something dangerous when you are away. Older cats can be sensitive to changes in their routine along with the needs of extra feedings or possibly medication throughout the day. 

There are technological enhancements that can help with your cat while you are away for a little while: water fountains that prevent water from becoming stale, automatic cat feeders, and a pet camera. 

Keep in mind that this technology can never replace human interaction. It’s a good idea for a pet parent to form a relationship with a pet boarding facility where cats are welcome prior to the day when one is needed. For a smart pet parent of a sweet feline, this means peace of mind. At a professional pet facility, caring staff will assure that your cat is very well taken care of when you cannot be there. 

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