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My Cats Are Inseparable: Can They Board Together?

Animal studies inform us that dogs are social animals, forming a pack with a leader and followers. They’re naturally comfortable with a hierarchical structure; but what about cats?

The wild cat family, also known as the felidae to include feral and domesticated cats, are by nature solitary hunters. They don’t live in a social structured group setting, with the exception of lions. 

Rescue siblings, Sally and George
(photo: Christina Farr)

That said, the social behavior of a cat is determined by several factors. Because they are fundamentally solitary hunters, cats will establish a territory, done in the best interest of all, to avoid any conflict with other cats. You may have observed that cats mark their territory by using scent derived from either glands around their face, urine or anal glands. Cats are known to possess an extremely sharp sense of smell, this combined with the territorial marking helps them communicate with one another to maintain a safe distance and avoid fights or conflict. 

Regardless of these behavioral basics, it’s not uncommon for two kitties from the same litter to bond extremely well. Some remain best buddies for life. It’s evident in the way they groom each other, play around the house with just that one kitty, sometimes eat and drink from the same bowl and even cuddle up together for a nap like inseparable snuggle bugs. While there are underlying reasons why felines aren’t always social when it comes to playing and mingling with other kitties, the story of some littermates can be very different. 

To ensure your cat’s safety and comfort, a pet boarding facility typically does not board cats together. In most pet boarding facilities there’s usually a distance of 6 – 10 inches between kitty condos. This ensures that there’s no distress to any cat and they cannot see each other from their private personalized space. 

However, if you have feline siblings who are inseparable, do make a request that they board together. A pet boarding facility will honor your request wherever possible. If you’re new to a pet boarding facility, why not sign up the kitties up for a short trial stay?

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