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No Car, No Problem: Doggie Day Care Transports Your Dog Door-to-Door

If only our dogs could drive themselves…!

It seems we are all busier than ever with work, family and home. Then there’s errands, shopping, and yes, still traffic jams. So do you really have the time to chauffeur your dog to and from day care? And if you use public transportation, walk, or don’t own a car, what then?

Well, problem solved as many day care, boarding and pet care facilities offer pick-up and drop-off for your four-legged friends. We’ve found some options and ideas on how to get your pup to and from…without you.

  • Doggie Day Care Options

With so many people spending more time at home these days, there’s been a huge increase in pet adoption and fostering. And if you already have a pet or two, no doubt they’ve been gloriously happy with all the extra affection, playtime and belly rubs.

But life with a pet is ever-changing, and now your daily life may look different than before, expected or not. If your routine has changed and impacted time and care for your pet, doggie day care may be just what you need. It’s a perfect place for your pup to get all the exercise, socialization and attention they need. Belly rubs included.

  • Pet Transportation Solutions

There are plenty of great day care options available, from veterinary kennels to wide-open spaces for cage-free roaming and playtime. Finding the right fit for your pet depends on their unique needs and personality. But where it is and how far away can be a deal-breaker if you have to get them there and back every day. 

To help make it as painless as possible, many facilities offer pup pick-up and drop-off so you don’t have to. How easy is that to fit into your busy schedule?!

  • How does it work?

If you need to get your pet from here to there, there are solutions for just about every scenario. Many pet care facilities offer a variety of services and you can arrange for a safe and comfortable ride to wherever they’re headed. 

If you work early or late, door-to-door transportation can pick up your pet at home, the office or basically anywhere you need. Shuttle service takes your pup to day care with their toys, food and any other belongings before you head off to work and has them back home in time to greet you at the door. 

Grooming appointment? Pamper your pet without having to rearrange your own schedule. They’ll pick up your scruffy pup and drop them off fresh, clean, manicured and ready for the “zoomies” around your house in no time.

Transportation options are also available for veterinary appointments, airport pick-up, boarding stays or pretty much anywhere you need to get your pet around town.

  • Who drives your pet?

Your pup will always be treated like precious cargo with licensed, caring drivers to take care of them. Options range from customized vans equipped for the most comfortable ride, to temperature controlled vehicles with individual crates with leashes for added safety. 
Whatever the mode of transportation, it’s designed to be reliable, timely, and personalized for your pet. There are plenty of types available so ask your current pet care facility or if you are comparing amenities at different centers. Having one or two fewer trips during a busy day can make all the difference…at least until a self-driving car pulls into your driveway, your pup hops in and waves a paw goodbye.

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  • Mark September 24, 2020

    I think the key factor in pet transportation is safety. Too often pets (mostly dogs) are driven around in the back of vans or pick up trucks with caps just bouncing around. There is no way a driver can concentrate on driving and watching a bunch of dogs. Dogs should be individually crated and the crates secured to the vehicle. This may not be posh or fancy – but it’s safe!