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Pandemic Could Contribute to a Weight Gain in Dogs

Humans can relate to this one! A dog’s health can be seriously impacted by their weight. While so many people are getting tired of a pandemic-related stay-at-home, work-from-home lifestyle, you might have noticed fatigue signs in your furry family members, too. 

How bad could it get? Some of the unwanted health implications from pet obesity are:

  1. Joint problems  
  2. Diabetes
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Skin diseases 
  5. Decline in life expectancy 

Dogs and Their Diets

How you feed your pooch plays a big part in their weight. Here are some ways to help maintain healthy weights for your pets.

  1. Watch how much you are feeding your dog. Look at the food recommendation and measure out the food as suggested. 
  2. Don’t over treat your fur babies. It is hard not to show your love through special treats, but limit them and pick healthy treats. Read the labels and choose treats that are low in calories and not filled with ingredients that aren’t healthy. Remember, treats don’t equal love, but a good healthy lifestyle for your dog does. 
  3. Scraps add up. Feeding your dog scraps here and there can add up and is not always the healthiest for them. Stick to a schedule and feed them a diet just for canines. Sharing is caring, but not always true when it comes to allowing table scraps. 

In addition to these suggestions, speak to your vet about the best food for your dog’s age and breed. Getting your dog on a healthy diet will provide for a healthier and longer life. The proof is in the pudding…or the dog bowl, in this case.

Dogs and Their Exercise

Exercise is key! Just like us, exercise could be the best thing to reduce or to keep your dog’s weight on track. As a bonus, it’s good for you, too! 

It’s always a good idea to check with your vet if you are just starting an exercise routine or also your pet is older, has had surgery, or hasn’t been very active for any number of reasons—including stay-at-home pandemic regulations. Once you and your vet establish what is best for your pet, set a schedule to make sure you can provide the appropriate exercise. 

Remember to start slow and don’t overdo it for you or your pup. Here are some ideas that will help with keeping your dog active and their weight on track. 

  1. Swimming – If the temperature is right and your dog likes to swim, this is a great activity to keep your pooch fit and is easy on their joints.
  2. Walking – Simple, but effective!
  3. Fetch – Sometimes you might not feel up to walking or running, so if your dog likes to run and fetch, you can let them do all the work. 
  4. New tricks – It might not seem like a lot but if they are moving around, it can count. 

Busy Pet Parents

Struggling to find the time for your pet’s exercise? 

Doggie daycare is a great option to use if you are stuck at home, don’t have a yard or open space for exercise, have a crammed packed schedule, or just need some downtime for yourself. Doggie daycare can be a big help and great alternative to help make sure your pet is staying active and getting some fun-filled socialization. These facilities offer indoor playtime and walks that can keep your dog happy and healthy.   

Your dog’s health is greatly impacted by their weight. Simply keep them on a good diet and keep them active-—no matter if it is you or your favorite doggie daycare providing the exercise. Just by doing these, you can help your dog stay out of the vet’s office and in your life longer. 

Lastly, It is important to know your dog’s health before changing diets or starting an exercise routine. Dog obesity can be a sign of other health issues. You should check with your vet and make sure there are no other issues if you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle for them but are struggling with your pet’s weight.  

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