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Pet Care Facilities Understand Rescue Dogs

It’s no secret that rescue pups need a little extra TLC. This is especially true when it comes to boarding and the day-to-day care needs of your furry loved one! It might seem like a daunting task to locate and use these services for the very first the first time after adoption, but there will be a professional pet care facility near you where owners and staff are highly capable in determining and understanding your pet’s special needs. 

When choosing a facility for your pet, doing your research is key. Thoroughly checking reviews and using word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and/or your vet are all great ways to ensure the capabilities of the facility you are considering. In fact, we have links to members who may be near you on this website.

Additionally, there are many facilities that offer special services to ensure the best possible stay for your pet, whether you are looking for somewhere to board your pet overnight or longer or for doggie daycare. Consider these facilities when researching the best place for your rescue. Amenities that can help make your dog’s stay more enjoyable are larger boarding rooms, individual and extra play time, pool play, and more! It is important that your dog’s routine is similar to what they experience with you at home. (Of course, many have boarding facilities for cats as well.)

It’s also important for you to be upfront and honest about your dog’s behavior issues. The only way a pet care facility can adequately care for your dog while you are away is if they have all of the information they need to ensure a safe and happy environment for your dog.

Pet care facilities are trained to deal with all types of dog behavior, especially behavioral issues typical of rescues. Discuss in detail your pup’s needs and while asking how the facility will respond to them. 

Ultimately, pet care facilities care for rescues on a regular basis. With the proper research and communication, you can be confident that your rescue dog’s stay can be simple and stress free in the hands of experts.

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