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Pet Facilities: Dog Grooming, Dog Training, Dog Exercise All in One Place

It’s not just the best of both worlds, it’s the best of all worlds for you and your dog. Today’s pet facilities offer everything you need for your pup. In other words, they go the extra mile, so you don’t have to.

Did you know 67% of U.S. households, or about 85 million families have a pet? From goldfish to lizards, hedgehogs, horses and the classic cats and dogs, it’s a $20 billion industry. With so many pets, and the increase in adoption and fostering lately, the popularity and number of facilities is growing right along with it. So pet facilities work hard to build a loving, life-long relationship with both you and your pet.

Grooming is best left to the experts. Leslea Villigan, owner of Henderson Pet Resort in Henderson, Nevada, is one such expert. She says,” In addition to keeping your dog looking and feeling great, professional pet groomers are frequently the first to identify potential issues with pets. They have the unique perspective of being able to see right down to the skin.  While using the tools of their trade and looking over every inch of a pet’s body, they can often discover things that may have been hidden under the dog fur.”

  • Beyond the Basics

Pet care options now go way beyond the basics. In addition to day care and boarding, you can find all sorts of services to amenities, extras and add-ons. From socialization, exercise, training, grooming, spa services, veterinary care, food, toys, and treats, it’s all in one place. And that’s not only a benefit for you, but awesome for your pup. 

  • Benefits for Your Pet

In addition to the convenience, pets don’t have to go to different places with different people, unfamiliar sights and smells, or anything else new that can make them anxious or worried. Instead they go to the same familiar and loved place (usually their favorite place in the whole world), so they can relax with animals and people they know, for just about everything.

  • Grooming and Spa Treatments

Besides the great time they’ll have romping around all day, there are ways to beautify your little (or not) prince or princess while you’re at it. Here are a few of the best grooming options we found—

  1. Grooming with wash and blow dry 
  2. Mani-pedi for paws 
  3. Doggie massage 
  4. Aromatherapy and calming sprays 
  5. Facials and skin treatments 
  6. Skunk bath (yep, just like it sounds) 
  7. Flea dip
  8. Obedience and Behavior Training

You’ll find lots of training options, from puppies to older pups. Who says they can’t learn new tricks? There’s puppy basics in group settings for essential skills and socialization. Private lessons are usually available to work with your pup, no matter what age, on special skills. They can focus on behavioural issues like barking, recall, separation anxiety and aggression. Or you can step it up with more intensive work for service, therapy, off-leash, tricks and agility.  

Veterinary Care

Many facilities now feature on-staff veterinary care or partnerships with local vets. Your pup can get their regular vaccinations and examinations where they are most comfortable, and it’s comforting to know a trained professional is available for anything urgent.

Pamper Your Pet

Of course, you give them lots of love. But why not make them a little more at home, comfortable or just plain spoiled at day care? We’ve found the top—and over-the-top—ways you can add a little pizazz to their daily routine.

  • Special Bonding. Give your pup some extra love with one-on-one, cuddle and bedtime sessions.
  • Relax in Style. Opt for a comfy bed upgrade or an in-room movie with…yes, “pupcorn!”
  • Puzzles and Games. Keep them highly entertained and engaged with mental challenges.
  • Physical Activities. Get ‘em moving with treadmill sessions, nature hikes, beach trips, swimming, and moonlight walks. 
  • Treats! From homemade dog biscuits to frozen Kong toys and doggie ice cream.
  • Personalized Extras. Get pet portraits, photo sessions, photo albums, GoPro video and activity and behavior report cards to document all their cuteness.

With everything all in one place, it’s convenient, comfortable and just plain easier to make both you and your pup happy. You might just find yourself there curled up with your own bag of pupcorn!

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