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Post-Covid Travel? Plan Ahead for Your Pet

Vaccines are widely distributed and surveys show that American traveler sentiment is up. Post-Covid travel pets Many Americans are planning to stay with friends and relatives, and bringing a dog along may be awkward. Long-haul and plane travel is best suited without taking a pet, too. If you’re ready to book some travel beyond a road trip, it’s time to plan ahead for your dog or cats. Fortunately, there’s a great solution that your pet will also enjoy.

Research Pet Facilities in Advance

For post-covid travel pets, get in touch with a pet facility near your home and have a conversation. Meanwhile if possible, book a visit without your pet. Note that there will be post-Covid health and safety protocols in place, so please come with prior appointment.

Ask about doggie day boarding for your first visit and check availability on dates to book ahead for a longer overnight day. In addition to this if you have more than one dog or cat, ask about multi-pet household rates as well. And importantly, ensure that your pet is vaccinated as required.

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Consider Additional Services For Your Pet

Professional pet facility owners employ staff who are qualified and certified in additional services for your pet. While you’re away and your dog is boarding, this is the perfect time for grooming, an essential part of smart pet parenting. Talk about any particular issues you may have noticed with your dog’s fur, including clumps or matting.

And remember, for your pup, socialization with other dogs is always a bonus.

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Getting Your Pet to Pet Care and Home Again

If there are transportation issues or inconveniences for you and your pet, ask the pet care facility about a door-to-door chauffeur service option. Similarly, a good number of pet care facilities offer this kind of service for busy smart pet parents, for city dwellers, and for those without a car.

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