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Taking a Trip? Overnight Pet Boarding is the Solution for Your Cat

Vacations are supposed to be all about relaxation and fun for people. However, they can be an unnecessarily stressful time for pet parents unless the accommodation is sorted out in advance. 

Has it ever happened to you that your trip is planned and the sudden anxiety about pet care sets in? Suddenly you may just want to drop all your plans because you’re fretting about leaving behind your cat, an important family member. 

Most pet parents know that kitties don’t like travel and traveling with a cat may not be a feasible option. Since a medical emergency or an injury can happen anytime, every pet parent would definitely want to make sure that their kitty is well taken care of in their absence. We’d like to help you explore some awesome overnight stay options for your cat, so both you and your kitty feel safe and you can comfortably go ahead with your travel plans. 

Call it a pet hotel, kitty resort, cat camp, kitty condo, pet resort, or similar. These are all boarding facilities that present great options for pet parents who want to travel peacefully knowing that their cat is in safe hands. The stay at these facilities can be overnight or longer. Cat boarding facilities will be glad to accommodate your pet, looking after them and fussing over them with affection and care. 

Your cat’s safety and comfort are of utmost importance to the professional and experienced pet boarding facility…it’s what they do best! Since feline behaviorists confirm that cats— unlike dogs—won’t always like to socialize with other kitties, pet boarding facilities ensure your kitty is welcomed and pampered in its own personal space. This space could be a safe enclosure where they can explore the outdoors under supervision or their own kitty condo or a private perch. The choice is yours and completely depends on what you think suits your kitty the best. 

If you think your cat is shy and you’ve never used the services of a pet boarding facility, why not sign up for a one day trial run? It may be an idea to send kitty off with a favourite toy, blanket or something from home to help them ease into the pet boarding experience. 

Seek recommendations from friends and family who have tried pet boarding facilities, look at online reviews, visit one or more facilties and then move ahead to make an informed decision. 

Because pet boarding facilities ensure high levels of safety, your pet must be current with all their vaccinations. The facility will provide good quality cat food (or you are welcome to bring your own), clean drinking water, individual litter boxes, and very high standards of cleanliness and good ventilation. 

If you think your cat is shy and you’ve never used the services of a pet boarding facility you can sign up for a one-day trial run which most facilities provide. Make sure you send them off with their favorite toy, comforter or something that reminds them of you, your home, and also helps them ease into the pet boarding facility comfortably. 

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