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What is a Luxury Feline Resort Like?

Are you a pet parent feeling in need of a relaxing resort? And why not…because at a luxurious feline resort, your cat can get the same VIP treatment while you’re gone to a resort for humans. Think of a cat boarding facility as a five-star vacation for your kitty.

Loving pet parents treat their cats as family, so it’s good to know that the right pet facility is doing likewise when you cannot be there yourself. 

Why not pamper your pet? In addition to lots of personal attention, a feline resort can offer grooming and fine dining room service—how does tuna mackerel and lobster paté sound—in a deluxe multilevel suite. Cat toys? Absolutely.  

Some resorts find that cats enjoy time with an iPad to watch Kitty TV. Perhaps you’ve noticed that many cats love watching videos of scampering mice, butterflies, balls, birds, and fish. 

Once they’re pooped out from all the eye-hand-brain coordination, it’s back to their private accommodation for a lovely nap. Accommodation may include a hideaway den, a picture window, soft pillows, and daily maid service for utter spoiling…the purr-fect treatment while away from home. And nary a dog in sight. 

Arrange for a stay as long as you require knowing that your cat is in safe hands in a high-amenity feline resort. Your cat will miss you, of course, but a feline resort pet boarding facility is the lap of luxury while you’re gone. 

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