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When You’re Traveling But Your Pet is Not Joining the Road Trip

There’s nothing like a road trip with your best friend. Packing a cooler with all your favorite snacks, grabbing some fun toys, and feeling the wind in your faces as you head out on the open road.

As great as it is, we all know sometimes your four-legged co-pilot isn’t allowed or able to make the trip. So we’re sharing some great options for your pup while you hit the road.

For Day Trips
When you head out for a long day, it can be a lonely time for your pet. Most dogs who are active, friendly and social do better at a doggie day care in the company of experienced counselors and other animals. They’ll get tons of playtime—often outdoors—plenty of socialization with other dogs and humans, and professional care for any medications or special needs. All that mental and physical activity is great for their overall health and anxiety levels in a new situation, and the extra socialization is always good for the soul!

For Overnight Stays

If you’ll be traveling overnight, out-of-home stays known as pet boarding, pet hotels, boarding kennels or facilities are the perfect solution. From small family operations to larger outdoor camps, these professional businesses provide the best of both worlds with homey accommodations and lots of playtime.

Offering stays from one night to a few weeks, dedicated staff who love pets create the right atmosphere and environment for a variety of breeds, sizes, ages and personalities. Your pup will be well-cared for as they make sure each pet is safe, secure, happy and loved every day.

Choosing the Right Place
It’s basically like choosing a daycare or nanny for your kids. We know they’re called “fur babies” for a reason, right? 

Read online reviews and get personal recommendations. Take a tour of the facility. Interview the owner and the staff. Ask all your burning questions from licenses and certifications to whether they have a pool, private rooms or one-on-one sessions for your highly social pup. With so many options, you’ll find just the right place with the best care and offerings to keep you both happy.

Extras and Amenities
Got a high maintenance pup or just like to “treat” them with a few extras while you’re away? Ask about specials, extras and add-on amenities. From spa treatments like pedicures and facials to acupuncture or a brush-out, there’s plenty out there to pamper even the most spoiled of pets!

What to Bring

Anticipating your dog’s behavior and preparing them for their stay can go a long way. You know your pup better than anyone and can manage expectations ahead of time. Communicate with the staff if your dog is super-friendly or if they have “issues” with new dogs or strangers. Most facilities will be extra-attentive to make sure your dog gets the right balance of activities, social and alone time to best meet their needs. Be sure to bring items like toys, treats, bedding and clothing with your scent. Familiar sights, sounds and smells bring lots of comfort in a new environment.

The Best Fit for Your Best Friend

You want the best experience for your pet while you’re away. With the right research, information and knowledge you’ll drive off into the sunset knowing your four-legged friend is in the ideal place and having their own adventure! 

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