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Who Plays With My Dog? And More Questions Answered for Busy Pet Parents

From new puppies to old friends, our four-legged companions are one of the best things for us—now more than ever. Warm cuddles, hilarious antics and endless games of fetch keep us connected, and frankly just make us feel good. And most common Questions for Pet Parents is regarding the Dog play.

The global pandemic has created a boom in pet adoption and fostering. A recent study reveals many people feel they would be lost without their pet, even saying “It is the only thing that is keeping me sane.” For some, spending 24/7 with our dogs lately has been a luxury. But for others, our schedules are busier than ever before. 

Between home, work and family, everyday life can strain even the most loving and organized of pet parents. As comforting as it is, a pet can mean added responsibility, time commitments and yes, stress. Therefore, luckily there are options to give your furry family member the attention. As well as socialization and activity they deserve to stay happy and healthy…especially when you can’t.

We’ve put together helpful information on doggie daycare to help meet the needs of both you and your pup. As we can all probably use a little extra “space.”

What Exactly is Doggie Day Care?

Well, it’s pretty much the same as daycare for kids, only for canines. Therefore, it’s designed for pet parents with busy schedules. And also, who work long hours, and have limited time during the day for their pets. The first doggie daycare opened in New York City in 1978 and they’ve been growing in popularity ever since…to meet our growing desire for dogs.

What Do Pets Do All Day?

Almost all doggie daycares will provide exercise, activities, toys and socialization with dogs and staff. They come in lots of different sizes, with indoor and/or outdoor areas and a variety of activities. Activities can range from cage-free playtime under trained supervision to pools, agility courses, and outdoor playgrounds. Others offer private kennels and individual areas for quiet time. There are often extras and amenities from pick-up and drop-off to grooming services. 

Finding the right one really depends on your animal. Is your pet energetic and needs lots of attention, interaction and exercise? Or are they older, laid back or a lap dog? Knowing your dog and seeing the facility for yourself will help you choose what’s best for your pet’s unique personality and needs. 

“In addition to our trained Pack Leaders caring for dogs as a group, Canine To Five offers individual play sessions that’ll not only send your pup home tired, this extra activity can reduce stress and anxiety, creating a more balanced pack member.”

Who Plays with My Dog?

The most commonly arrived Questions for Pet Parents is this. Your dog will be cared for by experienced and trained staff who love animals. They’re usually divided into small groups with other animals. Who fit your pet’s breed, size, age, temperament, etc. Staff may be trained in animal behaviour and group similar animals for safe and fun interactions. The staff to pet ratio can differ, so tour facilities, ask questions, interview owners and staff and get referrals from other pet parents who go there.

Is it Safe?

Safety is always a priority for any professional day care facility. While it differs by state, most are licensed, bonded and/or insured. You can check local requirements and ask to see their certifications. Be sure to ask about safety precautions, cleaning protocols, staff training and education.

Make sure you check with your vet before enrolling your pet in day care. Confirm your pup is up-to-date with vaccinations, you have ample medications, and communicate any special needs.

Doggie day care can be a fantastic addition to your pet’s life and to yours. With fun activities, lots of dog and human socialization and extra doses of love, you and your pup can both enjoy more quality time…at home together.

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