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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

There’s a reason for the term “cat nap.” While adult humans can manage quite well on about eight hours of sleep every 24 hours, cats typically sleep for more than half the day. Twelve to 18 hours of sleep in a 24-hour day is quite normal for our feline friends and 15 hours a day is an average. Kittens sleep even longer than mature cats.

Don’t worry that your cat is sleeping their life away because this many hours spent curled up and snoozing is part of their natural sleep pattern. 

Off to Dreamland

So, why do cats spend so much time curled up in dreamland? Turns out, they’re not lazy; the reason is in their DNA. Our modern day cats as pets have evolved, yes. But basically they have the same genetic programming as their big cat cousins, such as lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars.

Cats are Crepuscular

Remember…by nature, cats are crepuscular. This means that cats are naturally programmed to be particularly active at dusk and dawn. This is different to nocturnal, which means active at night. They’re instinctually wired to hunt prey at dusk and dawn and to tuck themselves safely away from predators during the middle of the day and night. 

Their innate behavior has to do with conserving energy in preparation for the big hunt. Experts explain that, although cats have long been domesticated, their cycle of sleep—prowl—feast is a cue that’s held over from their feline ancestors.

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Playtime at Pet Care

Wondering what your well-rested kitty should be doing during the other hours of the day? Aside from chase and catch games at home, a play session at an overnight pet care facility is a great way to provide some fun exercise and a stimulating change of scenery.

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