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Why is Overnight Pet Boarding Fun for Your Cat?

Cats just want to have fun! Does your cat seem bored? Boredom can translate into other behavioral issues such as aggression toward you and others. Cats need attention and exercise to stimulate their minds and enjoy themselves. 

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Overnight pet boarding is the perfect way for your cat to have fun. You’ll notice the changes right away. Yes, cats do love routines and they might be a bit timid at first when entering cat camp. No need to worry! Felines love to socialize with other cats. 

At a professional pet facility, everyone understands how your cat is like your child. Count on them to do the absolute best to ensure the greatest experience for your overnight cat boarding. Pet facilities also have qualified professionals taking constant care of your cat. They will feel safe, loved, and comfortable. Your cats will be begging to come back here the next time you are in need of overnight pet boarding. 

As you know, each cat is unique in their own personalities. Cats do what cats love. Pet facilities have so many diverse activities to entertain your cat. There are specific facilities that differ from your traditional cat boarding experience, and go beyond what you can offer at home. Often, cats can feel bored at home when you are not there. 

Pet facilities can provide the chance to explore the great outdoors in a lush safari garden. These gardens allow your cat to explore the ‘outdoors’ without the safety issue of your cat being lost or harmed since it is an enclosed space. They also have the attention from other cats staying at the facility so they can socialize and make many new feline friends.

At Pet Camp’s Cat Safari in San Francisco, cats who board may also have the option for Very Individualized Playtime, or VIP, which is great for cats who crave human interaction. Pet facilities are expert at handling pet care by following the exact needs and wants of you and your cat. 

Other activities for your cats to have fun during an overnight pet boarding experience may include enormous windows with maximum sunlight, club lights for your cat to chase, relaxing music 24/7, aquarium towers, custom cat trees, and so much more. 

Cats need enrichment along with activities and pet facilities provide all that and more.

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